Used Reedrill 300 1999

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The Model 300 is a completely self-contained hydraulic track mounted carrier for the HPR1HAT Rock Drill. The unit includes all components and full flow hydraulic controls necessary to operate the rock drill.


Hydraulic motor-driven track assemblies with 15” grousers, hydraulic cylinder controlled track oscillation, hydraulic released, spring applied, automatic disc brakes
•Prime mover is a Caterpillar Model 3126 DITA six (6) cylinder, water-cooled, turbo charged and after-cooled diesel engine rated at 240 BHP
•Engine speed automatically controlled based on power demand
•Hydraulic system consisting of two (2) direct-driven pressure compensated axial piston pumps
•Hydraulic motor-driven 300 CFM Gardner-Denver Rota Screw compressor
•12’-6” Telescopic Boom with 5’ extension complete with drill positioner and universal feed table
•Model UFH14 hydraulic motor-driven steel channel feed complete with power centralizer. The UFH14 feed will change a 14’ rod and it will accept at 16’ steel for single pass application
•Control console with the drill controls mounted on the feed
•Tram station with controls for tramming and boom functions
•HPR1HAT hydraulic percussion rock drill with nitrogen charge kit

Power Unit
•Caterpillar 3126 DITA 6-cylinder in line turbocharged, water cooled, direct injection, aftercooled 240 BHP @ 2400 RPM
•Pumps are direct driven by the engine through a steel flex coupling
•Dual element air filter
?Oil Pressure
?Water Temperature
?Hydraulic Oil Temperature
?Engine Fuel
?Compressor Discharge Temperature
?Air Pressure

•Dual fill 110 gallon (416 L) fuel tank
•Over 12 hours fuel capacity
•Automatic throttle control based on power demand

•Pressure compensated flow and directional control valves for:

Drill Hammer

Drill Rotation

Drill Feed


Boom and Feed Positioning
•Remote engine throttle control
•Automatic speed control
•Remote pump unloader
•Conveniently grouped
•Ergonomic layout

Year 1999
Manufacturer REEDRILL
Model 300
Price CA $94,225    (Price entered as 89,000 USD)
Location SPOFFORD, New Hampshire
Serial Number 1Y09G03
Condition Used
Stock Number AT9905
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Used Reedrill 300 1999

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