Used 2004 New Holland LB110B for Sale

Needs a new motor, otherwise good working order. Forks, 4 in 1 bucket, mud bucket, 600 and 300 GP buckets. Full Cab

Engine Power 110
Air Conditioning Yes
Radio Yes
Stereo Yes
Condition Front 80%
Condition Rear 50%
Make New Holland
Model LB110B
Item Condition Wrecking
Year 2004
Price $14,000*
Colour Yellow
Hours 6000
Registration 4 mths
Category Backhoe Loader
Sub-category Side Shift 4WD
Reference Code 1165417
Last Modified Date 10/07/2013
Suburb Mackay
State Queensland
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Used 2004 New Holland LB110B for Sale

One thought on “Used 2004 New Holland LB110B for Sale

  1. John Pesut

    Hi , Is this machine as parts still available.I am chasing the rear side shift main carriage that the boom swings on.I need an answer asap .Cheers , John Pesut


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